23 February 2013

New Fund: CIMB-Principal Enhanced Opportunity Bond Fund

They say that the only constant in life is 'change'. Well, not always. Hopefully, with this new fund, you will find comfort in its stability. Furthermore, it aims to provide more returns than the current Fixed Deposit rate, and is more stable than equities. Riding on the growth of the Asian countries, investors have the opportunity to diversity their portfolio and increase the returns. This fund is only available until 4 April 2013 !

What is CIMB-Principal Enhanced Opportunity Bond Fund?
It is a close-ended fund that aims to provide investors with total return through investments in a portfolio of debt securities primarily in bonds. The fund seeks to achieve its overall objective by providing total returns consisting of a combination of interest income and capital appreciation

Investment Strategy

Under general market conditions, between 70% to 99% (both inclusive) of the Fund’s net asset value (“NAV”) will be invested in non-ringgit debt securities primarily in bonds (including convertible bonds). Of the 99%, up to 40% of its NAV may be invested in unrated securities and high yield securities respectively while the remainder will be invested in investment grade securities. These investment grade securities are issued or backed by governments, government agencies, supranational organizations, corporate or other issuers. At least 1% of the Fund’s NAV will be maintained in the form of liquid assets such as bank deposits for liquidity purpose.

However, in the event of limited non-ringgit debt securities, the fund manager will have the discretion to invest in the ringgit debt securities primarily in bonds with yield at the prevailing market condition, if the fund manager is of the opinion that by doing so is in the best interest of the Fund.

While the Manager intends to adopt a buy-and-hold strategy for the Fund whereby the securities purchased will be held for the tenure of the Fund or to maturity of the securities,
the Manager reserves the right to deal with the securities in the best interest of the Unit holders in the event of a credit rating downgrade.

The Fund is suitable for investors who have three (3) years investment goals and are not planning to have access to their money in the next three (3) years. It is also suitable for investors who are seeking exposure to investment opportunities in debt securities.

Source: Fund prospectus

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