15 October 2012

New Fund: TA Total Return Fixed Income Fund

Just another new fund from TA Investment Management (TAIM)? Think again... In fact, this is the first bond fund launched by TAIM and it will take on the other bond funds in the market with a "Wow" effect. Why? Believe me, you gonna put this fund into your radar of unit trust investment. And, you will know why after reading this post.

The TA Total Return Fixed Income Fund is a feeder fund which invests a minimum of 95% of its NAV into the PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc - Total Return Bond Fund (SGD Hedged) and the balance in liquid assets. What? PIMCO !!! Yup, it's the leading global investment management firm, especially on fixed income investment.

5 Reasons Why you should invest into this Fund?

  1. Total Return Strategies, Global Diversification & Flexibility
    It aims to maximize the total return, consistent with preservation of capital and prudent investment management by investing 2/3 of its assets in a diversified portfolio of fixed income instruments of varying maturities.

  2. Higher Potential Returns at Lower Risk
    The core bond investment fund is broadly diversified to include all fixed income asset classes. Target fund is 90%-100% invested in investment grade bonds.

  3. Proven Consistent Track Record
    The Target fund has recorded consistent and positive annual returns since launch, even amid the prolonged crises across the globe.

  4. High Recognition
    Superbly high ratings have been assigned by independent investment research providers, such as Morningstar, Lipper and S&P.

  5. Expert Management --- PIMCO
    Once again, it was managed by PIMCO, has been investing money on behalf of a wide range clients including over 70% of Fortune 100 companies. PIMCO has a history of long-term performance in both bull and bear markets, with benchmark-like risk.

By investing into this fund, now you can leverage on the expertise of PIMCO to diversify your investment portfolio to include fixed income. It's superb track record already spoke for itself, in which we should rest assured with.

Source: Fund prospectus

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