01 September 2012

Can Malaysia Trust 'Mat Rempit'?

First of all, Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians. Yup, we love peace and prosperity as mentioned by our beloved prime minister. 55th years of independence would not come true without unity of people from various races. No doubt, we Malaysians are from various background. Yet, we have come together, good or bad, to shape our nation until what we already achieve today. Anyway, Finance Malaysia hopes our nation can transform itself by realizing the 2020 vision "Developed Nation".

Just when everyone was celebrating today, I came across one news titled "Mat Rempit to help fight crime" and my writing instinct once again being activated. Fighting crime by collaborating with Mat Rempit? This is the first reaction I believed many readers would asked!!!

Don't we know that Mat Rempit were those who rides their motorcycle dangerously?
Don't we know that Mat Rempit were those riders that endangered the life of other road users?
And, I really don't know how and why our government came out this "think-out-of-the-box" idea!!!

Two Immediate Side Effects

Okay. We try to be neutral now. Maybe Mat Rempit really can help us to fight crime, and maybe they got "lubang" to detect crime, we have come out with these few immediate side effects once launched.
  1. Privileged. They got these special privilege to join police personnel. How about other "gang"? Are we accepting them in our society as a good rempit?
  2. Pride. Exactly, don't you think that being a Mat Rempit in Malaysia was so "cool"? This was like a statement to recruit more people to join them rempits everywhere. I'm not sure how effective they can in fighting crime, but what i'm sure of is this would attract more youngsters to rempit.

If they are really good, why in the first place become a rempit? Why don't they join our police personnel to formally fight crime? And the last point was this idea was first mooted by one political party to engage with mat rempits. And now this was mooted by Home ministry, in other words Malaysia Government. Hey dude, how did foreigners look at Malaysia on this matter? Positively or negatively? I think majority of Malaysians have the unpleasant answer...


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