18 August 2012

New Fund: AmGlobal Sukuk

After AmMutual's asia pacific dividend fund early this month, AmIslamic also don't want to lag behind its sister company by introducing AmGlobal Sukuk. The Fund aims to provide capital appreciation by investing primarily in Sukuk both locally and globally.

To achieve the investment objective, the Fund will undertake active management to enhance and optimize returns from investing in sovereign, quasi-sovereign and corporate Sukuk. The sectorial weightings may be adjusted to maximize the performance. There is no minimum rating for a Sukuk purchased or held by the Fund.

What's so special about this Sukuk Fund?

Value-add of the Fund is derived from active tactical duration management, yield curve positioning and credit spread arbitrage. Credit spread arbitrage and yield curve positioning is part of relative value approach that involves analysis of general economic and market conditions and the use of models to analyze and compare expected returns as well as the assumed risks. The Investment Manager will focus on Sukuk that would deliver favourable return in light of the calculated risks.

In addition, the Investment Manager may also consider Sukuk with favourable or improving credit outlook that provide the potential for capital appreciation for these investments. The Fund may invest in Sukuk of varying maturities. The Fund’s investment maturity profile is subject to active tactical duration management in view of the interest rate scenario without any portfolio maturity limitation.

AmGlobal Sukuk is suitable for investors who :
  • want steady growth in value by investing in Sukuk as an asset class;
  • have Medium to Long Term investment goals; and
  • are willing to assume additional risk associated with investing in Sukuk with longer duration and lower credit ratings.
Source: AmIslamic Funds Management
Click here to download the fund prospectus

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