21 July 2012

How to calculate EPF investment withdrawal amount?

Although EPF members investment scheme was launched years ago, yet many Malaysians still do not know the existence of it. Follow by next question: "How to calculate the withdrawal amount?". Hope this post can give all of you an insight on this matter.

First, we must know that EPF members investment scheme only allows eligible members to withdraw eligible amount to EPF-approved investment schemes. The schemes was being monitor closely by EPF authorities, by reviewing it every year, in order to protect the interest of EPF members.

Am I eligible?

Members can withdraw up to 20% of access amount from the minimum required Basic Saving in Account ONE. The minimum amount for each withdrawal is RM1,000. Sounds confusing, right? Let's explore it step-by-step.

Step 1:
Determine the age (what is your celebrated last birthday?)

Step 2:
Determine the required Basic Saving in Account 1. (Please take note that the table below has changed. You may refer to 2014 table update here)

Step 3:
Determine your Current Saving in Account 1.

Step 4:
Applying the formula : (Account 1 - Basic Saving) x 20%
Example of Calculation
Still find it difficult to understand?
Easy. Just register for an EPF i-Akaun (an online EPF account), click on the "Withdrawal" button, then you can view the eligible withdrawal amount for various purposes. It's just that simple and accurate, without calculator. What's more? You can view the withdrawal status and history too.

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Source: EPF website


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