01 May 2012

Exclusive Interview: 2011 8TV Hot Chef (美食型男) Jason Cha

Dubbed as one of the most handsome guy among the participants of popular 8TV shows Hot Chef (美食型男), Jason emerged as the ultimate winner, not by his look, but his cooking skills. Since then, he became a familiar face in Malaysia. Did you recognize Jason shopping at Mid Valley lately?

In order for us to understand more about him, below are some of the his personal details:
Full Name            : Cha Kian Heng
Age                      : 34
Hometown           : Ipoh, Perak
Status                  : Married
Hobby                  : Collecting Thai Amulets
Favourite Foods : Italian Pizza with many many cheese
Favourite Sports : Badminton
Favourite Sportsman : Fernando Torres (football player of Spain and Chelsea currently)

The Interview:

Q: What makes you decided to join the 8TV's 2011 Hot Chef competition?
I think the most important decisions normally associated with the most important people around us. Due to the encouragements from my family and girlfriend (now is my wife), I take up the challenges and never look back. I really appreciates their continuous supports throughout the competition.

Q: After winning the competition, how was your life? Any different?
Actually, I am living the my life the same. But, the only thing that was slightly different is the way I dressed up before going out. (Always prepared if someone want to take photos?)

Q: We know that emerging as a winner was not easy. In your opinion, tell us what makes you stand out from other participants?
Beside all the encouragements and supports from family, wife and friends, one thing for sure is always try our best, not going to give up easily, stay focus and be positive thinking. Many of the participants are doing very well during the competition and it's not easy for me to be the winner.

Q: On financial matters, what kind of investment you already made? Or, going to make? And why you choose that?
For investment, I will try to invest in my own industry (food and beverage) which I am more familiar with. I believes that in this industry, everyone have the opportunity to learn, share and work together. Looking forward to working with you all, if the opportunity arise.

Q: Finally, what's your words to our young Malaysians out there?
Hi young Malaysians, we must stay focus on our target. If that's what you want in the future, don't  give up easily no matter what happens around you. Lastly, stay calm and be positive thinking. All the best!!!

Thanks Jason for spending his time for the exclusive interview. All the best, Jason!!!

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