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Merdeka Month Special: 1st August – 31 Aug 2023
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21 February 2012

Who can Save GREECE? (Feb 2012)

It's the time again for Greece to convince its counterparts that they are serious in cutting budget deficits. By doing so, Greece was to put on the lifeline (bailout) by European Union (EU) once again. The discussion of whether to save or not to save Greece had been dragging for one week time now. Why?

In Chinese, we say "we cannot see people die by not lending our hand". That's why China said they will help when the time arrives. The question is when is the right time? Until Greece go bankrupt? Or,  until Greece left EU?

Who can save Greece?
The answer to this very important question is very obvious. In Christian, they always emphasize on "we should take responsibilities on what we did", right? So, the solution lies in Greece hands. Not the country, but, the citizen, the people of Greece. It's time for them to come back to reality. Let's take Malaysia as a benchmark, they are working fewer hours than us, yet they are earning much better than us. GDP per capita of Greece is more than twice of our figures. How are they going to sustain whatever they are having now, such as attractive pension scheme and healthcare?

Technically, Greece already bankrupt with Debt to GDP of over 140. What does this mean? For every RM1 they earn, they spent RM1.40. It's overspent, it's over leveraged. It's time for Greece to unite together, shoulder the responsibilities with their Government, by taking pay cut, reform the pension scheme and healthcare system. By doing so, then only Greece can come out from debt crisis. Although the period is difficult, they must did it, don't procrastinate anymore. The longer they drag, the debt may snowball until a stage where "too big to burst".

Finance Malaysia really hopes Greece can come out of the bad times by themselves proudly. This goes to Italy, Belgium, Ireland, and Portugal too. We shall support Greece by visiting the beautiful country (of course, until all the riots were end).

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  1. hopefully, those Greek dont blame the German again~ last time, as far as i remember they blame German for not offering help to their country~


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