08 July 2011

Interviewing Young Malaysian Josheen Ma

Young, talented, and with a "God-heart". This is my descriptions on Josheen, who came from a small village in Kedah. She become popular after emerging as the winner of UTAR Model Search (UMS) 2010, Project One and Only Inter-varsity pageant. After winning the title of UMS 2010, she start to blog about her life and her dream via josheen.net. Via her blog, she managed to get some modelling jobs.

Currently, Josheen had just finished her internship. However, she chose to work differently from others by doing some charity work for underprivileged children. She love the kids unconditionally and coached them dare to dream and work to win.
"I told myself, I should work harder to pursue my dream, thus they will know that I can do it, they can dream and win as well," said Josheen.

What course are you studying in UTAR? And, why you suddenly decided to participate in UMS 2010?

I am bachelor of social science-psychology year 3 students. I am a girl who really low self esteem before I participated in UMS 2010. My friends told me I always said 'sorry' to them whatever I am right or not. And I can't reject people's request whether I want it or not. My best friend last time (now is my boyfriend), encouraged me to participate in this competition because he knows that I always envy those who involves in modelling jobs and I read a lot of magazine about fashion. Finally, I make a decision to boost up my confident level as well as dare to dream and win.

Now, you have gained some modelling experience. Will you join a modelling agency in the future?
I might join and I might involve in beauty industry as well.

Do you think that your blog "www.josheen.net" helps you a lot in getting modeling jobs? Have you ever get cheated via it?
Luckily, I have never been cheated so far. And the blog really benefiting me, where many people can know more about me and find me for modelling job. I managed to get some modelling jobs in Singapore and Malaysia, via my blog. Josheen.net also let me to share more information such as my modelling experiences and also helping out the orphanages. Through blog, I can influence more people to do the meaningful stuffs as well as dare to dream.

How do you deal with life from doing charity work, which do not earn much?
Although charity won't earn money, but you can get more than just $$$. The value underneath can enhance your life experience and how you deal with the real world. Happy can be easy. But, money cannot buy the happiness of helping others, especially those innocent kids. In the future, I might busy with my career, but once a week or twice a week, I will still pay a visit to the orphanages home and make them happy. Be flexible but not invisible. They need our unconditional love more than money. Just love them when you see them. When they love you back, you will feel how amazing the feeling is.

Finance Malaysia is grateful that Josheen spent her time with us. We hope Josheen can inspire more youth to do charity and dare to dream. If Josheen can take the first step to change her life, why not YOU?


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