29 May 2010

Donations through CIMB Cares

In conjunction with Wesak Day, this is a very meaningful topic. 

Previously, I am facing difficulties in performing such an angel act – Donations.
I am sure everyone of you faced situations when someone approaching you to make donations to…

And, maybe you think:
“Is this fellow trying to con me?”
“Will he channel the funds for the real purpose?”
“Why not I donate directly to the designated organizations?”

Frankly, I’m thinking of the 3rd questions most of the time. (Sorry to those approaches)

However, where am I going to donate directly?
Is it very troublesome to go there?
Are there any alternative ways?

From now on, you can make donations to your favorites charity organizations, through CIMB Cares. Etc. WWF, MAKNA, Mercy Malaysia… It’s convenient, secure and 100% of your donation goes to your chosen charitable organization.

There are 4 categories of charitable organizations, namely Environment, Education, Welfare, and Healthcare. The online fund raising portal makes donating a breeze. You can make donations of any amount to any of the participating NGOs. Payments can be made as a one time donation or you can set up a standing instruction for it.

Log on www.cimbclicks.com.my/cimbcares.htm and experience the pleasure of donating today.

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