13 September 2008

Lehman Brothers case

Sad is all we can say about one of the world's largest investment bank.
What are the measures to rescue the company? And, it is rescue-able? And, to what extend?

As expected, Lehman Brothers is hardest hit resulting from the popular subprime mortgage crisis (for the moment). Its stock price was down about 95% from its 52-week high of $67.73 to $3.65 on 12/09/08. Mainly, due to the grewing concerned by investors.

If you were one of them, would you still holding it?
Sure, mainly because you can't even sell though, where no one was brave enough to buy it.

Then, what can you do?
Relax, sit down and get prepared to face the only consequence - losing all the hard earned money.

Really cannot turn the table around? 3 solutions:
  1. Fed Reserves to bail it out. After the famous Freddie & Fannie bail-out, Lehman is just another troubled financial institution out there.
  2. Find other financial firms to swallow it. Who dare to?
  3. Last, and the most effective way - natural death.

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