14 May 2013

A Malaysian Guide to Home Buying Fees & Charges

Like any other country, buying a house and taking a home loan / mortgage in Malaysia involve legal fees & charges - which many people fail to take into consideration especially when they’re buying a property for the very first time.
So to all Malaysians buying your dream houses right now, allow iMoney to show you ALL the fees and charges involved when you buy a house or apply for a home loan.


  1. Fees and charges are always associated when buying a home. You must expect that! The down payment, taxes, interests and monthly amortization are not only the things that you should worry about. How about the payment for the realtor, lawyer and other fees that might come along the way of the buying process? You must be ready with these charges and allot a certain budget for it. Talk to your lawyer or realtor about this, so you'll be given a heads up about the possible charges. -Churchill Mortgage Dallas

    1. I agree with this. Before buying a home, it is important to look for property listing quote. This way, you can manage your budget and you can determine how much you need to pay.

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