05 July 2009

The Magpies of Ananda

Introduction of Newcastle United F.C:

  • No. 1 fan based club (north-east england)
  • Most popular football club in 90's (not anymore in 21st century)
  • One of the most wealthy club (50million pounds world's record for Shearer)
  • Relegated last season

Just when everyone starting to forget Newcastle United, someone, somewhere shown his interest to be the next successor of the club - hopefully. South-east Asia's 3rd richest man worth 4.5billion pounds - Ananda Krishnan - has jumped to head the queue to buy Newcastle.

To add-on, the owner of Tanjong, Astro, Maxis, TGV cinemas... see this as an golden opportunity to expand his empire into Euro land. Is this really a business, or merely of football fan ?

As I know, A.K was not a die hard football fan, who are willing to fork out millions of pounds. I would believe if it was Tony Fernandes (AirAsia boss). Something must be in A.K's mind instead, and it maybe:

  • Huge betting businesses in England?

This is the only reason gone through my head.

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