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Wealth Insider Gathering
Wealth Insider Gathering on 24th Sept

18 September 2016

Does ZIKA Virus being covered by your insurance company? (Sept 2016)

We can't 100% eliminate the risk of getting ZIKA virus, but the contagious virus infection is hitting right on our shore lately. Although only a few cases being reported in Malaysia as to date, we can't deny that the virus can spread very fast nationwide within a short span of time. Does your insurance cover you if we unfortunately infected by the virus?

The popular question in town...

08 September 2016

The Implications of Developer-cum-Financier !!! (Sept 2016)

Yeah. You see it right. Eligible developers can now apply for moneylenders licences to provide loan facilities of up to 100% to property buyers. The licence would be issued by the Urban Well-being, Housing and Local Government Ministry under the Money Lending Act 1951 (Amendment) 2011.

Developers providing housing loans???

04 September 2016

Be Money Smart And Avoid These Credit Card Scams!

Chances are if you’re reading this, you are one of the millions of credit card users in Malaysia. But did you know there are various credit card scams in Malaysia that you need to avoid at all costs?

Read on to find out more...

30 August 2016

Don't go to these 27 Maybank branches anymore after these dates... It's TRUE !!!

If you're a Maybank customer, then you should pay attention to this post. It could affect your daily dealings with the bank after these dates. As the largest banking group in Malaysia, is it in trouble financially to take such steps? Let's read on...

Why Closing Down?

08 August 2016

[EPF Account] Conventional vs Shariah

Today (08.08.2016) is the date of starting a new chapter for our retirement fund Employees Provident Fund (EPF) where members can start to register their applications for the Shariah account. To be eligible for Simpanan Shariah 2017, members must register their application by 23 December 2016 and subject to the availability of the RM100 billion fund.

Before making such an important move, let us understand the differences between conventional and Shariah account first.

07 August 2016

Why should you invest in these companies all because of "Pokemon Go" frenzy???

Yes. The 2016 world's most popular game - Pokemon Go - is here in Malaysia now. Are you one of them who register as one of the 'trainer'? It's addicted and it's the hottest topic of town where you can share and exchange conversations with anyone now, especially at PokeShop or PokeGym. (You will only know it if you're one of the trainers)

Well, it's here in Malaysia. So what? If you're playing the games, you should read this to earn back your 'cost'. If you're a share investor, you must read this. If you're not either of them, you can just ignore this.

Identifying the cost of playing...
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