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08 August 2016

[EPF Account] Conventional vs Shariah

Today (08.08.2016) is the date of starting a new chapter for our retirement fund Employees Provident Fund (EPF) where members can start to register their applications for the Shariah account. To be eligible for Simpanan Shariah 2017, members must register their application by 23 December 2016 and subject to the availability of the RM100 billion fund.

Before making such an important move, let us understand the differences between conventional and Shariah account first.

07 August 2016

Why should you invest in these companies all because of "Pokemon Go" frenzy???

Yes. The 2016 world's most popular game - Pokemon Go - is here in Malaysia now. Are you one of them who register as one of the 'trainer'? It's addicted and it's the hottest topic of town where you can share and exchange conversations with anyone now, especially at PokeShop or PokeGym. (You will only know it if you're one of the trainers)

Well, it's here in Malaysia. So what? If you're playing the games, you should read this to earn back your 'cost'. If you're a share investor, you must read this. If you're not either of them, you can just ignore this.

Identifying the cost of playing...

23 July 2016

[Unit Trust] How to classified as Sophisticated Investors?

For unit trust investment, an investor must be a sophisticated investor before he/she is qualified to invest in a fund categorized as a wholesale fund under the guideline issued by Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC).

With over 300 wholesale funds available in Malaysia worth over Rm 90 billion in total, we should have some understanding of it and you must know whether you qualify for it as well.

Check out the list below:

14 July 2016

Lower Interest Rate... Who is the Winner and Loser ??? (July 2016)

Surprisingly, Bank Negara Malaysia cuts the benchmark Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) by 25 basis point to 3% today amid challenging global outlook mainly due to BREXIT. Coincidentally, BNM is making OPR changes in the month of July again. And, this is the first OPR changes under new BNM governor.

Okay. Let's us know who will be the winner and loser during lower interest rate environment.

19 June 2016

Understanding SOCSO. And, NEW Rate of Contributions effective June 2016 ???

Are you a salary-based employee? Are you earning more than RM3,000 a month? Then, you should know the latest rate of contributions for SOCSO, because your net salary will be lesser and don't be surprised when you receive your paycheck by the end of this month onwards.

First of all, what is SOCSO ???

16 June 2016

8 Reasons Why BREXIT Should Not Happen !!!

Remember this date 23rd June 2016, when the United Kingdom will hold a referendum on its membership in the European Union. From an economic perspective, it is best for UK to remain in EU. Otherwise, unmitigated disaster will happen. Why?

Banks are leaving UK ???
Find out all the reasons below:
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