04 January 2015

Understanding the NEW Base Rate effective Jan 2015

New year always come with some new changes. In 2015, we have this thing called "Base Rate" (BR) which will replace the previous Base Lending Rate (BLR) we commonly used for years. What does it mean? What are the differences? How much is the rate actually?

The new system of pricing...
With the new base rate, banks are allowed to price their loans products more efficiently based on their ability. How is the computation method being used for base rate? Read our previous explanation here...

The New Rate for different banks...

02 January 2015

How to Responsibly Use & Manage a Credit Card Account ?

Using a credit card doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are a few guidelines to follow in order to successfully manage your financial accounts, then you’ll be ready to go !!!

Be prompt

First of all, pay your balance on time. This is probably the most important factor in determining whether your credit score improves or not. If you don’t pay your bill on time, your APR may be raised, and there will likely be a fee. A great way to remember to pay your bills on time is to set up a reminder on your calendar. Google Calendar is a great option that alerts you via phone or email when something is due.

Watch the watchers

24 December 2014

Why Air Ticket Prices won't Come Down just yet? (Dec 2014)

World's oil prices have been tumbling down substantially since June 2014 to current level of US$60/barrel. As most of us already knew, when this kind of news appear, airlines industry tends to be one of main beneficiaries. However, why cheaper oil price this round doesn't really translates into cheaper air ticket price?

The Oily Factor...

21 November 2014

RON95 Petrol: What does it mean by NO MORE SUBSIDIES ?

Today, the hottest topic in town was "No more subsidies on RON95 and Diesel starting Dec 1". While the starting date is just a mere 10 days from now, it catches every Malaysian by surprise. No wonder netizens share this news all over in social medias discussing about this matter and alert other petrol users.

How to determine the prices?

18 November 2014

Share Trading: Nominee vs Direct CDS account

Did you ever notice that when you open a share trading account with a broker, they will usually ask you whether you prefers nominee or direct CDS account? For an ordinary investor, we might not really understand what are the differences and benefits that you can enjoy for both types of CDS (Central Depository System) account.

Well, this is the very basic step every share trading investors should find out first, before approaching a share broker. Equipping yourself with the relevant basic knowledge in order to avoid starting at the wrong footstep. Agree?

This article may help you to understand the differences between these two type of account. Please refer to below comparison tables:

23 October 2014

NEW Fund: Eastspring Investment Asia Pac (ex-Japan) Target Return

Continue looking good on the global outlook, particularly Asia Pacific region as the direct beneficiary of global economic recovery, this new fund would invest into those companies based on its attractive intrinsic value.

However, the road to recovery is not as straight-forward. The recent market sell down is a very good example. Market volatility was another concern for investors, which many of us cannot stomach it. Any solutions for that?

Yes... with this new fund...

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