10 June 2016

DBKL: Special 2016 Rate for Traffic Compound... Fast fast settle yours !!!

Sometimes, it's just unlucky to receive compounds from DBKL where you missed the parking period by 1 minute for example. However, you should be relieved now with the special compound rate offered by DBKL (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur) in 2016.

This initiative was being offered ONLY to those meter and traffic offenders before they are being blacklisted under JPJ system soon. Below is the special rate offered on:

Click here to check whether you're the lucky one with DBKL compound...
However, this was not offered to those cases fall under category below:
  1. Blacklisted cases
  2. Cases which are already filed in court
  3. Compound that falls under Seksyen 53 APJ/JPK 57 moving traffic offences (example ignoring traffic light, cut queue, park at the yellow box...

How to settle my compound ???
  • Make payment at DBKL counters (if you have the original compound or copy from SPJ system)
  • Cash payment via all PosMalaysia branches nationwide (without compound)
  • Online settlement via www.myeg.com
  • Payment Kiosk (after operation hours)
Source: DBKL website

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